Cait Pearson

Life is messy, food is good. Those are two things I know very confidently, especially since I began studying food. This world is constantly spinning with people in a hurry, and we rarely take the time to enjoy what’s around us, from the company we’re with to the food we eat each day. Food has helped to mold this world into a wondrous place of endless new experiences. We gather around it for all occasions, happy or sad. And I believe it is a fine time to step back and enjoy the experiences food allows us to have and I want my images to evoke the drive to do so with the people in all of our lives. I was  fortunate enough to be born into a family of big hearts, open minds, and a deep passion for food that constantly brought us together and left many happy memories in their wake. I’m glad I am able to combine the love I have for photography with my passion for this unique world we live in and the wonderful experiences it allows us to have.



  • Alihan's Mediterranean Cuisine - Pittsburgh, Pa 2014
  • Pale Blue Entertainment - Pittsburgh, Pa 2014
  • Marty's Market - Pittsburgh, Pa 2014
  • Mullen Advertising - Pittsburgh, Pa 2014
  • Outstanding in the Field - Enon Valley, Pa 2014


I Love Fried Pickles - - 2014