19: Overcoming Odds, Taking Roads Less Traveled, & the Joyful Living Project with Yasmin Nyugen

In today's world we witness incredible anger, pain, divisiveness, racism, illness, and discrimination. 
So many people feel stressed, helpless, lost, resentful, hopeless, guilty, and overwhelmed.

How did all this negativity become the norm in our country? What can we do to change this? It seems like every possible answer is way off into the future. But what if we didn’t have to wait for circumstances to shift to begin our healing? What if the catalyst for positive change lies within our own daily experiences? 
What if we could leave a legacy of hope, positivity, and inspiration for our children and generations to come? Sound too good to be true? 
Actually, it's amazing what a little action can do.

It starts with the gift of JOY.

In today's remarkable episode I interview Yasmin Nguyen on not only his Impossible story (which is a doozy mind you) but also about how he is showing up in the world, and what his fresh perspective on Joy inspired him to create.

Portland local Yasmin Nguyen believes having a joyful life is possible, no matter what else may be happening around us. In fact, not only is it possible, but he is backing it up with some serious action. For the next 18-months he is packing it up and moving on out, driving across America talking to people. People like you and me as he documents, shares stories, inspiration, and experiences that activate possibilities and make positive impact in our lives.

He created the Joyful Living Project to ignite positive change and help rebuild thriving relationships, businesses, and communities. 

He is determined to remind people that in every moment we have a choice on what we focus on -- the negative or joy. From this seed of joy grows hope, possibility, generosity, kindness, love, re-connection with ourselves and others.

During this journey Yasmin will explore 3 main questions:

What does joy look like in our lives? 
How can it positively impact our relationships, businesses, and communites?
What’s holding us back from having more joy? 
And how do we turn that around?

Through interviews, local experiences, community events, kindness experiments, and speaking engagements with businesses, he will shine the spotlight on all the positive experiences already around us and inspire shifts in the way we live, the way we connect, and the way we make a difference.

The Joyful Living Project officially launched on July 1st featuring the joy in Portland, Oregon. Each month, the tour continues to another city. 
2018 July – Portland August – Seattle September – San Francisco October – Los Angeles / San Diego November – Phoenix / Portland December – Houston / Dallas 2019 January – Austin February – New Orleans March – Atlanta April – Nashville / Charlotte May – Washington DC / Philadelphia June – New York City July – Boston August – Detroit / Cincinnati September — Chicago October – Minneapolis / Kansas City November – Denver December – Salt Lake City / Boise

***Follow Yasmin on IG @joyfullivingproject also, follow the journey and the plethora of beautiful content being created at www.joyfullivingproject.com

"You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain


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