This is the place you can find the new routines, products, fashion, home decor, indoor jungle tips galore! All things I love and use and want to share with you! Plus a whole lotta truth telling, this will be the place I vent to you all as well. I’m human too and I want you to remember that each time we sit down together.

CEO and founder of Grön Chocolate

It was just another day, another photo shoot. Although I was a little more excited about this one because as you all might be familiar with: I love CBD. This woman pioneered the company I came to trust with my needs and not only did it exceed all my expectations, she did too.

a better excuse to eat chocolate

Coming from the East Coast we learn very early on had “bad” marijuana is. It gets you high, arrested, and sometimes even a lovely stay in the local jail. I’ll be the first to admit how “straight edge” I was when it came to drugs of any sort. That’s why when my therapist recommended CBD a derivative of marijuana I literally looked at her like she had three heads. Now a year later, I’m in a whole different place.

pulling back the curtain

Being an entrepreneur is, most days, an extremely emotional and daunting career. You’re tossed between what you want to do, I call this your “soul fire desires,” and what you think you should be doing, what you should be focusing on, and how you’re supposed to be building a business. Well I’m here to tell you, it may look like a lot of fun but it’s far from rainbows and butterflies. It’s the most worthwhile thing I’ve done but by far the hardest… this is the truth.


Places I go, things I see, people I meet in the crazy places I end up. Here’s your in the know so you don’t end of in strange alley’s thinking you’re going to that new chic Thai place everyone is raving about. Get off the beaten trail but not toooo lost, follow me!

When you live in as beautiful of a place as I do… you tend to get off the worn path and find the gems in unlikely places… these are some of my most favoritest finds.

All the powder

No, I’m not referring to cocaine here people. No, I’m talking about that fresh POW on the mountain. Little known fact about me is I love snowboarding. I’ve been doing it since I was in college and since moving across the country I have some findings to report…

my favorite trip that almost killed me

Many of you have listened to the podcast so you know this story a bit. From delayed flights and free beer to road trips with strangers and the rental car from hell. Here I’m going to explain what I would have done better so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Or do, I did say it was my favorite after all….


Picture this: There you are scrolling through Pintrest, you find the PERFECT recipe, you run to the store to gather the exact ingredients and whip it up to a T !! You even bought that zester you’re not sure what else you’re gunna use it for and the final reveal ends up a pile of brown mush in place of that beautiful Puttenesca you drooled over in the photos. No more ! From start to finish you’re getting the real deal, even when it’s not picture perfect.

Take it from the food photographer, if it tastes great. EAT IT

easy peasy glorified garnishes

After the holidays the absolute last thing I want to do is just about anything outside of putting on my sweat pants and burying in the couch til the New Year. But alas, we are hosting a New Years Eve “get together” and I wanted to take simple, simple, SIMPLE drinks and make them look cute, because ya know… why not.

bowls to get you through winter

I don’t know about you but cooking in my drafty kitchen in the winter feels about just as enticing as crawling out of my toasty, warm, snuggly bed in the morning. So I love hardy, filling, and MAKE AHEAD food that requires minimal effort. Here’s what I came up with.

Pumpkin cheesecake

Everything was cooking for Thanksgiving, running oh so smoothly for prepping 8 dishes later. Then it hit me, NO DESSERT!? So I gathered the troops (in my opinion that’s trusty cream cheese) and we went to the brainstorming board…. this is what I came up with. And man was it a hit!