In the Field

This is my approximate third attempt at a blog so, let's all hope the third time is in fact, a charm. Ha.

I'm naming the blog in the field for two reasons; I am very passionate about REAL food, and because I want to bring you REAL life experiences to you in my safe haven of a personal space blog.

Let me explain: if you haven't read my "About" section, that's okay, because I'm going to explain it now. I grew up in a family where food was a big deal. Thanksgiving and Christmas were huge, with tables stretching the length so that twenty-sum people could fit on both sides. Everything made from scratch and so much food you could probably feed the Army and the Navy and yet there were hardly any leftovers, ever. My summers were filled with Rehoboth Beach memories of clamming and reeling in the crab pots almost every afternoon from my grandfather's pontoon boat and spending the evenings laying down newspaper and dumping the big boil pots of local corn and potatoes from the farm stand down the street mixed in with the clams and crabs all over the table so every chair got their fair share. Again, enough food to feed a gazillion people but by the end of those late nights of endless story telling, not a crab leg or uneaten clam was in sight. We laughed so much. I will never forget those memories with my family and through those memories it has become very apparent to me how crucial of a role food played in all of that.

I can not begin to tell you in all of my research about food and culture throughout my last couple years in college if I ever heard someone tell me they hated food, and rarely anyone ever struggled to tell me about a memory food didn't play a huge part in. People, in all cultures, gather around each-other and food, celebrate with each-other and food, mourn with each-other and food, and come together in times of hardship with each-other and food. Food is universal, we are universal, and in a world that tends to focus so clearly on the negatives in diversity, I wanted to express how absolutely beautiful I think it is that we are all so different and yet we have something so common to bring us together. I am passionate about people and their stories. I hope to someday travel the world and listen to people's stories, eat delicious food with them, and celebrate life along side of them because frankly I believe that's what life is about and it's too short not to.

So, I'm naming this blog "In the field" because most of the food cultivated from around the world starts there. Whether it be the cow, sheep, pig, or goat grazing on the land for fresh milk or meat or the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and berries that abundantly sprout from the ground. They all, one way or another, begin in a field. Secondly, because when a news reporter or photographer is in the middle of the action, reporting live or "first-hand" it is known to be called as being "in the field," and that's what I am striving to do for all of you.

And I'm sure there will be plenty of posts about self reflection and a mix of other random things along the way, because at the end of the day who doesn't like a funny cat video or two to brighten up a gloomy Monday?

But I sincerely hope you follow my trail of breadcrumbs starting small but with big dreams in mind, around the country to around the world as I experience this amazing planet, one bite, one story, and one laugh at a time.

Best Always, Cait.