let’s get social

Look, I know how daunting it is to run a business, grow that business, live a life, AND post to social media. Especially if you have a family, hats off to you for showing up everyday. —seriously. I used to take pictures all. the. time. (hello, photographer over here!) And think to myself how great it would look on my IG grid to only realize a month later that I seemed to forget the crucial step in actually posting it. Or how about those captions? Cheeky and fun or thoughtful and deep? Forget optimal posting times and hashtags all together. Are you exhausted yet? I know I was. Then I developed a system that takes the struggle out of it and honestly? It’s super fun for me now, but if social isn’t your style, I totally get it.

Here are some options to take worrying about your feed off your plate!


stock images for all the seasons

Just don’t have time to create compelling images for your feed? I got you. Not everyone loves taking photos like I do, so I made it a thing! I created a way for you to snag new content monthly so you can ease your mind, simply be yourself and let the guess work on what to post take care of itself!


I’ll come to you

You’re saying, “Hey Cait, I would super love to learn but like… no time.” Don’t sweat it, we’ll give it a time and place to live on the calendar. Just like your weekly happy hour sesh with the girls and flesh out the details on all things social. You’ll be a lean, mean, margarita holding and posting machine by the time we are done.


i gotchu covered

Sometimes we just have to throw our hands up and ask for help. It’s normal, and it’s human, and I love that my job allows people the freedom to stay in their own zone of genius and let me handle the rest. We can sit down, iron out the deets, and I’ll go to town on making your social presence shine like a newly polished Bently. Whatever your needs, wants, and hopes for your audience, we will make it happen — together.