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Every year I say the same things, “I can not believe the stories I’ve heard, the people I’ve met, and the stunning work we have created together. It can’t get better than this.” And some how, it always surprises me. YOU always surprise me. I simply can not get enough of it all. So when I say I’m so glad you’re here, I deeply mean it. Here are some of my faves from the plethora of goodness — let’s make you next!



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head shots and editorial

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with this section. This is what gives me life. Connecting and collaborating with all of you, incredibly powerful souls out there. This is what fills me up, it’s what keeps me going, and truly brings me pure joy to give every single one of you tangible proof of your stunning and glorious greatness. Each unique story captivates me and I just feel so honored to be trusted with the privilege of showing the world your magic.



Show me the food (and cocktails of course!)

Growing up Italian…. need I say any more? Haha Growing up it was always a feast for your senses every which way you turned. Whether that was the smell of red sauce simmering on the stove, someone yelling at someone else (but I promise they were just talking!), or the sight of glasses upon glasses over flowing with red wine. It was home to me. As I got older and these occasions of family became less and less it but always stuck out in my mind that when food was being served, everyone still showed up. I wanted to celebrate that in my life. Nothing brings people together like food. So I am honored to be able to learn about diverse cultures, more about other’s stories with food, and photograph the amazing creations as a result of hard work, and generations of passion and love.



Someone bring the tissues

It is literally the first thing I say absolutely every time I shoot a wedding. “Okay, you’re not going to cry.” Without fail, the waterworks start. It’s like my camera and I have an agreement, if I keep clicking it creates the magic even if my eyes are a bit misty. And to this day, we’ve never missed the shot. It is such a blessing to be able to share this special day with you and showcasing the magic of your story all leading up to this breath-taking day. Photographing each uniquely beautiful day always has me filled with gratitude that I get to pull back the curtain on how true love starts, how it blossoms, and how it turns into such a stunning celebration for us all to bear witness to and share.

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