She’s Hungry


I’m Cait, and if you want to know three fun facts about the person you’re considering hanging out with: you’re in luck!

>>I love red wine, cured meat, and stinky AF cheese.

>>I am a murder mystery junkie! MOSTLY about serial killers! (I’m currently reading - Glenmore Park Mystery - Deadly Web!)

>> And I’m obsessed with giving away all my personal perspective, ground breaking personal discoveries, and all the epic fails I’ve had along the way in hopes that just maybe it will help even one person along the way. #IamWeare

— Now that we are comfy, I want to be superrrr clear here. I believe in you, deeply. I, truly, from the depths of my soul, know that whatever you want is possible for you. But please do not get this mistaken with the rainbows and butterflies, “and they lived happily ever after” story that doesn’t require any ACTUAL hard work. You will still fail, you will still get pissed, you will still cry, and things will all still go so incredibly poorly at times people will question whether you’re laughing or crying at yourself. You might pee your pants a little. I have too, it’s totally normal.


I don’t do pity or self loathing, I don’t tolerate your self sabotage tall tales about how this has never worked for you before so why now? If you’re willing to show up and give it your absolute best, I will show up and give you mine.

I do not have all your answers. They are yours. Not mine. I am going to give you the spark notes on what I’ve learned from my life to give you a nudge as to where you might find yours. The best part is, my soul purpose in this life is to remind you of what you already have like a fierce, unshakable truth. It’s so damn fun for me to watch people unearth their greatness. I’m literally shaking as I type this because I’m so fired up to share this space with you all.

And so damn honored. Thank you for allowing me to hold this space. Thank you for helping make my wildest dreams come true. This truly would be nothing without all of you. So, as my dad would say, “put your head down and do the work” and let’s have some fun.


unearthing what you already have!

23 March 2019

First ever She’s Hungry Meet Up! 2.5 hours of goodness! There will be snacks, wine, and Lacroix! Graciously hosted by My Financial Girlfriend in the Pearl! Can’t wait to see you there!



This is the space I’m supposed to tell you about this event that doesn’t exist yet. Want to come up with what we talk about at this one together? Email me from the button below!



Same as what I said over there

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